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Prevented Planting / Replant Reminders:

REPLANTS - If you are looking to replant any acres this spring and it is at least 20% or 20 acres of a unit, you may file a replant claim.  However, a claim must be filed BEFORE replanting any acres.

PREVENTED PLANTING - If you suspect you will not be able to plant your soybeans by July 15th, be sure to file a PP claim with Ag One no later than July 18th.  

Acreage Reporting:
Remember to certify at FSA and provide us with your 578 Producer Print as soon as possible.


Important Dates & Deadlines



RMA Non-Discrimination Statement

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Each year crops are exposed to natural disasters and risks out of human control. Federal Crop Insurance is a tool farmers can utilize to help minimize their risk. At Ag One Agency, Inc., our goal is to help you make informed risk management decisions. We carefully look at each individual farm operation in order to match your goals with the appropriate policy to meet your needs. We specialize in the YP and RP programs, along with the county programs (AYP & ARP) tailored to the customer's needs and request.